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Osteopathy is an evidence based hands-on treatment known to promote healing in your body. Osteopaths take a 360-degree, hands-on approach to promote healing of your body. The approach we take at Relieve Clinic is patient-led and utilises manipulation, massaging and stretching, identifying and releasing your imbalances, and increasing mobility in your joints.

Our osteopaths at Relieve Clinic, Leeds have many years of experience working with spine and joint conditions. We're committed to providing treatment and practical advice based on the latest research and techniques. Whether you have a muscle/ligament sprain, joint problems or spinal disc injuries, our osteopaths will assist you in getting your body and mind back on track in no time.

What conditions do osteopaths treat?

Many people feel that we only focus on back pain, as it’s one of the most common reasons people visit an osteopath. However, the scope of our services at our Leeds Osteopathy clinic is much broader. We have extensive experience in helping the following:

  • Generalised aches and pains including
    arthritic pain
  • Aches and pains from pregnancy
  • Work-related discomfort in the back,
    hands and arms
  • Foot, ankle and knee pain
  • Mechanical neck pain
  • Circulatory problems
  • Sciatica treatment
  • Cramp and muscle spasms
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Tension headaches and migraine

Osteopathy is particularly effective in treating issues associated with changes caused by driving, work strain, pregnancy, arthritis, sports and workplace injuries. Our Osteopaths regularly treat children, the elderly, pregnant women, working professionals and athletes.

What to expect from osteopathy treatment

Our practitioners will place your pain concerns and needs at the forefront of the treatment plan throughout your osteopathy sessions. This starts right from the first session, where an assessment of your condition takes place.

During the first session, we discuss your complaints and perform a thorough physical examination before making a diagnosis. Then based on the diagnosis, we will develop a tailored treatment plan to reduce the pain associated with your condition. Your treatment plan considers your age, fitness level and underlying health conditions. These factors help us determine the correct stretching, mobilisation and manipulation techniques for your problem.

Are there any side effects with osteopathy?

As osteopathy treatment is customised towards your problems, your health always remains our top priority. Generally, osteopathy is safe for many; however, in rare circumstances, there is a small chance of experiencing minor side effects like a headache, fatigue or mild soreness in or around the treatment area.

If you do experience any side effects, they are generally short term and will most likely resolve within 24-48 hours post-treatment. Before you begin your treatment at Relieve Clinic, our osteopaths will outline any potential risks or side effects in your initial assessment.

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